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 Who is MJF ?

Maxwell T. Friedman (born March 15, 1996), is an American professional wrestler, better known by the ring name Maxwell Jacob Friedman (MJF), currently signed to All Elite Wrestling (AEW). He previously performed for Major League Wrestling (MLW), where he is a former MLW World Tag Team Champion, while also being a former one-time and inaugural MLW World Middleweight Champion. He departed MLW in January of 2020. Friedman has also worked on the American independent circuit appearing most notably for Combat Zone Wrestling, where he is a former one-time CZW World Heavyweight Champion and a two-time CZW Wired Champion.

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AEW Rampage Results-June 23rd,2023
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MJF Sends “Filthy” Tom Lawlor After Adam Cole

The familiar sounds of Adam Cole’s theme hits after we see a quick vignette from The Outcasts promoting Toni Storm vs. Willow Nightingale at The Forbidden Door 2. Cole comes to the ring as the commentators talk about him teaming with MJF in the Blind Eliminator Tag-Team Tournament.

As Cole is finishing up his ring entrance and about to do the “BOOM! Adam Cole — BAY-BAY!” routine in the ring with the fans, he is interrupted by the theme from MJF. Out comes the AEW World Champion.

MJF sarcastically thanks Cole for urging him to accept the match against Hiroshi Tanahashi at The Forbidden Door 2.. He mentions how he spoke with Tony Khan and got him booked in a match at The Forbidden Door 2 against “Filthy” Tom Lawlor.

As soon as he says that, “Filthy” Tom Lawlor attacks him with Royce Isaacs from behind. MJF pretends like he’s gonna come help but says he’s having trouble with his watch. He gets tied up with other stuff and then eventually gets to the ring.

When he does, Lawlor and Isaacs run as MJF pretends like he just missed them. “Damn, I was this close! I almost had ’em!” He tells Cole to have fun at The Forbidden Door and walks off.

AEW Dynamite Results-June 21st 2023
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Adam Cole & MJF Become Partners & A New Forbidden Door Match

Adam Cole’s theme hits and out comes the popular AEW star to the ring to address his time-limit draw in his AEW Championship Eliminator showdown with MJF on last week’s show.

He settles in the ring and asks Chicago who’s ready for story time with Adam Cole (…BAY-BAY!). He admits that MJF gave him one of the hardest matches of his career last week.

Cole calls out MJF, who makes his way to the ring. He tells all the Midwestern Mouth-breathers to shut up. He addresses Cole’s request for a rematch. He says no. Tony Schiavone stands up from his commentary desk and makes an announcement.

Both MJF and Cole tell him, “Shut up, Schiavone!” at the same time. Schiavone reveals the first two names drawn to be teammates in the Blind Draw Tag-Team Tournament is MJF and Adam Cole. Cole freaks out because he doesn’t want to team with MJF. MJF freaks out because AEW wants him to wrestle every week.

Now we hear Hiroshi Tanahashi’s voice and he appears on screen to again challenge MJF to a showdown at The Forbidden Door 2. MJF asks Tony Khan what type of dog and pony show he’s running. Cole calls MJF a coward and tricks him into accepting the match. “Let me leave you with this, good luck, partner!” He walks off.

AEW Dynamite Results-June 14th,2023
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AEW Championship Eliminator
Adam Cole vs. MJF

From there, we head straight down to the ring for our opening contest, which is one of the featured bouts of the evening this week. Adam Cole’s theme hits and the crowd goes bonkers as he heads to the ring for his scheduled AEW Championship Eliminator match against MJF.

The fans do the loud “Adam Cole — BAY-BAY!” routine with him and his music cuts off. Now the theme sounds for the reigning AEW World Champion. “The Devil” emerges and begins making his way to the ring to a ton of boos.

Now the bell sounds and the crowd erupts again as this pay-per-view main event-level bout gets officially off-and-running. The two go face-to-face and the crowd is loudly behind Cole. They back up and begin circling each other.

MJF and Cole lock up and MJF slaps a side head lock on Cole. Cole pushes him to the ropes to escape and the champ shoulder blocks him down to the mat. MJF hops over Cole on a drop-down and struts away as the crowd boos.

Friedman thinks he has the better of Cole again, only to turn around and nearly get super kicked. MJF drops to his butt and scoops back. Cole leans down and then does the “Adam Cole — BAY-BAY!” routine.

We see MJF hop the guard rail and try and run away from the fight. MJF goes up to a fan and knocks his hat and glasses off for a big pop. He turns around and heads back over the guard rail. He re-enters the ring and the fans begin chanting “Assh*le!” at him.

The champ starts to take over but Cole ends up fighting back and throwing MJF out to the floor. Cole goes for a baseball slide drop kick but MJF pulls the ring skirt out and traps Cole in it. He drags him over and slams his hand on the steel steps.

Back in the ring, MJF continues to focus his attack on the arm of Cole. The commentators point out that this sets up Cole for his “Salt of the Earth” finisher later in the bout. MJF starts to enjoy a comfortable offensive lead and uses this opportunity to taunt the fans.

Friedman continues to beat down Cole and focus on his arm. He stops at one point to taunt him and the crowd by doing the infamous Shawn Michaels stretch-leg biceps pose in front of him. He stalks Cole in the corner and waits for him to get up but ends up walking into a big super kick.

After eating the super kick, we see MJF spitting blood out of his mouth. A lot of blood. The commentators speculate that he may have lost a tooth on that shot. Cole now starts to fire up and take over on offense as the crowd comes to life.

Cole looks for the Panama Sunrise off the ropes but MJF has it well scouted and avoids it. MJF looks for a spot on Cole in the ropes but Cole has it well scouted and avoids it. Cole goes to Lower the Boom but MJF avoids it. He then hits a double under-hook back-breaker. Ouch.

We see Cole fight back and go for a near fall of his own after a big counter, but MJF hangs on and kicks out to keep this one alive. Cole’s left knee, in addition to his left arm, is now showing the worse for the wears. MJF has noticed this and is now focusing his attack on both weakened limbs.

MJF goes for a tombstone pile driver on the hard part of the ring apron, but Cole kicks his way out of it. Cole looks to hit the Panama Sunrise off the ropes onto MJF on the hard part of the apron, but MJF avoids it and ends up taking him off the ropes with a tombstone pile driver on the hard part of the apron.

Cole bounces down to the floor as the fans break out in a loud “Holy sh*t!” chant. On that note, we head to a mid-match commercial break as the action in this very exciting opening title eliminator bout continues.

When we return from the break, we see MJF in a comfortable offensive lead. He ends up getting super kicked to death but hangs on and starts slapping submissions on Cole left-and-right. Cole eventually makes it to the ropes to free himself. A “This is Awesome” chant breaks out.

MJF blasts Cole with a big knee and then a heatseeker for a close near fall attempt. Somehow Cole survives. Afterwards, the ref takes a long look at Cole to make sure he’s okay. MJF rolls out to the floor and grabs his title off the timekeepers table. He clears the rest of the junk off the table.

The AEW Champion heads to the top-rope after putting Cole on the timekeepers table at ringside. He goes sky-high after leaping and he connects flush with a huge flying elbow smash that puts Cole through the table. A loud “Holy sh*t!” and then “AEW! AEW!” chant breaks out.

A bunch of doctors check on Cole. MJF rolls into the ring and looks to try and get the win via count out. The ref makes it to the count of nine and a half before Cole leaps onto the ring apron just in time. MJF looks like he’s seen a ghost after Cole makes it back in the ring in time.

Cole fights back and hits a straight jacket German suplex on MJF outside the ring ropes on the hard part of the ring apron. Ouch. Cole heads to the middle rope to look for his Panama Sunrise, but MJF sees it coming and runs away. Cole goes after him but MJF knocks him down and hits a stomp off the ropes on his injured arm.

MJF gets in the ref’s face and yells about a slow ten count during the near-count out a few minutes ago. Cole and MJF end up taking the ref out with a ref bump. MJF looks to capitalize, grabbing his title belt and heading into the ring.

He goes to blast Cole with it, but instead throws it to him and does a flat-back. Cole holds it as the ref starts to get up. The ref ends up falling back down. Cole and MJF both see this. Cole smiles. MJF frowns. The fans chant “You f*cked up!”

Cole blasts MJF with the belt and gets rid of it. He lowers his knee pad and then Lowers the Boom. He goes for the cover and the ref recovers to make a slow count, which MJF kicks out of at two-and-a-half. Cole goes to pick up MJF, but MJF grabs the ref and pulls him close to himself, while simultaneously sneaking in a low blow to Cole.

We see a sneaky MJF slide the Dynamite diamond ring on his hand. He flashes an evil smile and then goes to blast Cole with it, but the ref catches his arm like Uso stopping Solo from Samoan Spiking Sami Zayn. Cole then hits Panama Sunrise on MJF. He Lowers the Boom and covers him.

It looked like it would be an easy three count, but as the ref goes to do the cover, the bell sounds before he finishes his count. It turns out the 30-minute time limit has expired. This one ends via a draw. The crowd boos as Cole looks dejected.

Winner: DRAW

Adam Cole Wants 5 More Minutes, MJF Doesn’t

After this, Cole grabs a mic and heads back in the ring. He kneels down in front of MJF and looks at him and simply says, “Five .. more .. minutes.” The crowd explodes. MJF gets closer to Cole’s face and looks intense and ready to continue the fight. Instead, he slides under the bottom rope and heads to the back. Amazing opener.

Full Gear 2022 Results
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Tenth Match: Jon Moxley (c) w/William Regal vs MJF For The AEW World Championship

Moxley punches MJF after the bell rings. MJF gets up in Moxley’s grill. MJF slaps Moxley in the face. Moxley with a forearm smash. Moxley unloads three knife edge chops. Moxley rams MJF’s face across the top strand. Moxley with a blistering chop. Moxley starts biting MJF’s forehead. MJF kicks Moxley in the gut. MJF applies a side headlock. Moxley whips MJF across the ring. MJF ducks under two clotheslines from Moxley. MJF starts strutting in the ring. MJF sends Moxley tumbling to the floor. MJF teases a dive. Moxley backs MJF into the turnbuckles. Moxley continues to bites MJF’s forehead. Moxley gives the crowd the middle finger salute. MJF repeatedly stomps on Moxley’s chest. Moxley drops MJF with a Lariat. Moxley mocks MJF. Moxley with clubbing crossfaces. Moxley kicks the middle rope into MJF’s face. Moxley with The X-Plex for a one count. Moxley applies The STF. MJF starts biting Moxley’s hand. MJF chops Moxley. MJF with forearm shivers. Moxley buries his shoulder into the midsection of MJF. Moxley with a chop/forearm combination. Moxley with The Falcon Arrow. Moxley applies The Cross-Arm-Breaker.

MJF puts his foot on the bottom rope which forces the break. Moxley with two corner clotheslines. Moxley walks around with the AEW World Title. MJF spits water into Moxley’s eyes. Moxley whips MJF into the steel ring steps. Moxley with forearm shivers. MJF explodes out of the corner with a Running Lariat. MJF with an Inverted Atomic Drop. MJF rakes the back of Moxley. MJF unloads a flurry of right jabs. MJF repeatedly slams Moxley’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Moxley side steps MJF into the turnbuckles. MJF denies The Death Rider. MJF with a Japanese Arm-Drag into the turnbuckles for a two count. MJF repositions the timekeeper’s table. Moxley drops MJF with a Cutter. Moxley repeatedly stomps on MJF’s face. Moxley takes a bow. MJF nails Moxley with The Tombstone PileDriver on the ring apron. MJF starts favoring his left knee. MJF hooks the outside leg for a two count. MJF talks smack to Moxley. Moxley blocks The PileDriver. Moxley kicks the left knee of MJF. Moxley with a Flying PileDriver through the table on the floor. MJF gets back into the ring at the count of nine. Moxley drops MJF with The Death Rider for a two count. Moxley repeatedly kicks the left hamstring of MJF. Moxley applies The Figure Four Leg Lock. MJF is trying to keep his shoulders off the mat.

MJF reverses the pressure. Moxley grabs the bottom rope which forces the break. MJF slams Moxley’s head on the top rope. MJF delivers The Heat Seeker for a two count. Moxley blocks The Heat Seeker. Moxley with a chop block. Moxley repeatedly drops his weight on the left knee of MJF. Moxley gets crotched on the top turnbuckle. Moxley fish hooks MJF. Moxley with hammer elbows. Moxley connects with The Avalanche Death Rider for a two count. MJF struggles to get back on his feet. MJF spits at Moxley. Moxley slaps MJF in the face. Forearm Exchange. Moxley kicks the left knee of MJF. Moxley with boxing elbows. MJF pulls the referee into Moxley’s path. MJF puts on the Dynamite Diamond Ring. William Regal makes his way down to the ramp. MJF throws the ring down and flips off Regal. Moxley applies The Sleeper Hold. MJF rolls Moxley over for a two count. Moxley reapplies The Sleeper Hold. Moxley inadvertently knocks down Paul Turner. Moxley applies The Bulldog Choke. Regal gives MJF the brass knuckles. MJF plants Moxley with The Brass Knuckle Punch to pickup the victory.

Winner: New AEW World Champion, MJF via Pinfall

AEW Dynamite Results – January 5, 2022
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MJF vs. “Captain” Shawn Dean

Now we head back inside the Prudential Center where we hear the familiar sounds of three-time Dynamite Diamond Ring winner and leader of The Pinnacle — Maxwell Jacob Friedman. MJF heads to the ring in cocky, arrogant fashion as always.

Once MJF settles in the ring we see his opponent already waiting for him. Justin Roberts does the ring introductions for this one, which will feature MJF taking on “Captain” Shawn Dean. As soon as the bell sounds, before anything can happen, CM Punk runs down to the ring.

MJF sees Punk coming and he slides under the bottom rope and heads up the entrance ramp. He stops and turns to see Punk staring him down while Shawn Dean stands behind him. Punk eventually turns and kicks Dean in the gut before hitting him with his GTS finisher. After laying out Dean, the bell sounds.

Justin Roberts gets on the mic to announce the outcome, declaring Dean the winner due to disqualification. MJF flips out on the entrance ramp as the commentary team points out that Shawn Dean is starting out 2022 with a 1-0 record so far.

Winner via Disqualification: “Captain” Shawn Dean

After The Match: CM Punk & MJF Do Some Verbal Jousting

Once the match wraps up, Punk gets on the mic and tells MJF that the same thing that just happened will be happening everytime MJF steps into the ring until he agrees to have a match with him.

MJF then gets on the mic and talks about it being bad enough that he’s in this garbage dump of a town and venue. Punk cuts him off and mocks him some more, pointing out how it’s going to be hard to challenge for a title if he keeps losing.

From there, MJF fires back with a vicious retort, mentioning how Punk seems to have a problem with him being compared to Roddy Piper. He claims Punk needs him to be relevant in the modern day wrestling scene and then brings up how he’s just another guy who never got to main event a WrestleMania, just like Roddy Piper. The crowd “oohs” and “ahhs.” MJF teases maybe going to the other side and headlining a WrestleMania himself.

Punk gets back on the mic and says all he wants to do is kick MJF’s ass. He says that MJF is welcome to go and see for himself if the grass is greener on the other side. He says he’ll still be here waiting for him if and when he comes back. MJF eventually gets fed up and says if he wants a fight, then it’s on. He says next week it will be CM Punk one-on-one in that ring against … Wardlow. The crowd boos as MJF heads to the back to end the segment while Punk’s theme plays.

AEW Dynamite Results-November 24th,2021
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CM Punk & MJF Kick Things Off

From there, we hear the familiar sounds of “Cult of Personality” as CM Punk makes his way out to start things off inside the ring on this week’s show in his hometown of Chicago.

Punk then makes his way into the ring as fans continue singing his theme along with the music. It cuts off as he enters the ring ready for our opening contest, however instead of his opponent QT Marshall, the theme for MJF hits and out comes The Pinnacle leader.

Friedman then goes on the get on the mic as fans boo and chant “Assh*le” and then “Shut the f*ck up” at him. He then goes on to talk about it not being nice to be interrupted, referring to Punk coming out during his promo segment last week.

He goes on to say he won’t shut up to the fans and then begins running down memory lane with Punk, who he calls Punky Brewster. He talks about the pipe bomb being the only useful thing he’s done in his career. He calls him a one-trick pony and then talks about Punk being a straight edge man who looks more like a meth addict than a sober person.

Now he talks about how if he had Punk’s face he would have to down eight shots of whiskey just to look in the mirror at it. He talks about Punk naming wrestlers during interviews, except for MJF, that he was interested in facing. He says he can pretend but in reality, he never mentioned MJF’s name because “he didn’t want none.”

MJF says Punk has always been good on the microphone but says that’s because he was a small fish in a big pond. He says he understands Punk never wanted to go at it with him on the mic because he knows MJF would end him quicker than his UFC record ended. He talks about dropping nuclear bombs instead of pipe bombs.

Punk finally gets on the mic and says he just learned MJF’s name was Maxwell last week. He says he always thought MJF stood for “My jealous fan.” He says he never mentioned his name in interviews because he didn’t want to feed his ego. He says he’s in MJF’s head — and it probably has something to do with the fact that he’s got a poster of Punk on his wall.

He says he did something last week that no one in AEW has been able to do — he shut up the great MJF without saying a word. He says he had seven days to think of good zingers and he came out here with the lowest hanging fruit. Punk tells the fans that MJF thinks he’s somebody. He says in reality he’s just a less famous version of The Miz. The fans pop huge for that one.

MJF tells the fans to calm down when they chant “Miz! Miz!” at him, and then says to Punk that he is nothing more than nostalgia. He says he was a fan of Punk and he’s not afraid to admit it. He says in the ring and on the mic no one could touch him. He says he was the best — or so he thought. He says ever since he returned he’s struggled to beat the easiest of competition and has struggled to say anything of intrigue.

Friedman then gets close to Punk and tells him that his breath smells like shit. He says that’s probably because he’s been kissing a lot of ass lately. He does an impression of him being a robotic sounding person and then says that his hair is turning gray and his eyes look horrible like he needs sleep. He asks what happened to the guy he grew up watching. He says he might as well come out here and preech hustle, loyalty and respect, referring to John Cena.

The fans “ooh” and “ahh” at that one, as MJF then calls Punk “Mr. PG” and says he can see through him. He does the “you can’t see me” gesture and then tells Punk he only came back for the money. He talks about Punk mentioning he couldn’t change the business from his couch. He asks if Punk was too busy making comic books no one read and movies no one ever saw. He asks if the real reason was because he was scared he couldn’t hang anymore. He questions if Punk could ever hang in the first place.

MJF goes on to tell Punk that he should be scared. He says in the other company he was viewed as a cult hero because he was held down when he should have been number one. He says now he’s here in AEW where he has the chance to prove everyone right. He questions if he really can and then asks the fans if they think he can. The fans cheer. He tells Punk deep down he knows during his career he has been second best. He says whether it was John Cena or Triple H, he was never quite up to snuff.

He goes on to assure him that now he’s standing in his ring and in his company, things will be the same. He says he claims to be the “Best in the World” but then gets in his face and says, “but I’m better than you … and you know it.”

The two just stare at each other for a bit and then Punk lifts his mic up and tells MJF that there’s some truth to what he just said. He says he’s not gonna lie, not even to MJF. He says he’s never lied to the people. He says he didn’t know if the fans would remember and still care. He says he wasn’t sure if he still had it. He says he’s not scared any longer, and certainly not scared of MJF. He says the timing might not match up but he was selling out Madison Square Garden when MJF was marking out for Rosie O’Donnell.

Punk says the last time MJF sang and danced in here he was featured in the New York Times. He says he’s gonna make the New York Times again, but this time it will be in the obituaries. He says he’s enrolled himself in a college that his parents can’t afford the tuition to. He says he’s got a big mouth too but he’s always backed it up. He says MJF never backs his up without help from Wardlow, Shawn Spears and FTR. He says he went to the heart and soul of AEW, not him, but Darby Allin. He says that chews MJF up but he reminds him that he beat Darby Allin and he didn’t need a diamond ring to do it.

He goes on to talk about what MJF thinks of himself and says he doesn’t even realize he’s been replaced by Britt Baker. He says while MJF thinks he made some excellent points he’s talked too much and says they’ve wasted the fans’ time. He says they call Chicago the Second City not because there second best but because when it was burnt to the ground they just built it back up. He asks who the man around AEW is and says it’s not him, because they don’t have enough time to wait for Tony Khan to have a daughter for him to marry.

Now he brings up the last time he was in Chicago and says he gave the fans free ice cream bars. He says the only thing he can think of that’s better than that is punching him in his needle d*ck right now. He takes his shirt off. MJF takes his sport coat off but then rolls under the bottom rope and heads to the back to avoid the fight. The fans boo as he exits and the commentators call that some pretty strong pro wrestling TV. On that note, we head to a commercial break.

AEW Dynamite Results-November 17th,2021
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t Full Gear, MJF says he has so much to say. All he keeps hearing about is how great Darby, Danielson, Rhodes, Punk, name them all but guess what, he made them all look like idiots. He feels nothing but success because he proved them all wrong, he loved every second of it, you have no choice but to admit how good he is. He beat Darby with a headlock takeover. Who knows what’s next for one of the best wrestlers in the world.

Commercial Break.

MJF makes his entrance along with Shawn Spears and Wardlow. MJF says he cant deal with them and give the mic to Spears. Spears says MJF could defeat any one of your heroes with a simple headlock takeover. MJF says he checks all the boxes, in the ring, on the microphone, he is the most complete pro wrestler on the planet. He is the past, present and future of wrestling. The ranking don’t tell the truth, but deep down he deserves to be the AEW World Champions. Nobody in the locker room is on his level.

CM Punk’s music hits! Punk stared down MJF on his way to the ring. Huge “CM Punk” chants. “Holy Shit” chants. MJF introduces himself and offers a handshake. Punk ignores him and leaves the ring.

AEW Full Gear Results-November 13th,2021
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MJF vs. Darby Allin

AEW Full Gear 2021 is about to get underway as the commentators quickly run down the advertised lineup for tonight’s show and then they inform us that Darby Allin vs. MJF will kick things off inside the ring.

With that said, MJF’s theme hits and out comes the leader of The Pinnacle for tonight’s opening contest. He settles in the ring as the fans boo and the commentators put him over as the bad guy.

A cool black-and-white Darby Allin entrance vignette airs, concluding with him lighting a car on fire and then his theme hits inside the arena and the crowd goes wild as he makes his way out accompanied by “The Icon” Sting.

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with our first PPV bout of the evening. The fans break out in super loud chants as these two trade holds and takedowns before separating and restarting. Definitely a hot crowd atmosphere here tonight.

Early on the story appears to be that Darby is trying to prove he can hang with MJF from an actual mat-wrestling standpoint, and thus far, he’s doing exactly that. The crowd is eating this up with a spoon, by the way, as they well should. Great stuff straight out of the gate in this one.

We see Darby start to fight into the first lengthy offensive lead, however he goes for a high spot too early, as he has MJF on the apron outside of the ropes and heads to the top rope. He looks for his Coffin Drop finisher but MJF rolls out of the way and Darby crashes and burns.

MJF takes over from here, bringing Darby back in the ring and going to work on him, taking him apart bit by bit as the crowd tries to rally behind the fan-favorite. He works over Allin’s arms and then hits a big backbreaker. The commentators speculate that MJF tweaked his knee hitting the backbreaker on Allin just now. We look at some replays.

Friedman takes Darby up to the top rope and looks for a piledriver but Allin escapes and ends up countering. He jumps and flips over MJF, bringing The Pinnacle leader down directly into a super stunner. Both guys are slow to get up after that. MJF tries to jump back on him upon restarting the action, however Darby fires up and is looking ready to finish this one off. MJF hits a thumb to the eye that ends up slowing him down anyways.

Allin avoids a sharpshooter and starts focusing his attack on the softened up knee of MJF. MJF jams his own knee up again and Darby dives at it with a chop block. He then slaps a figure four leg lock on him but MJF ends up escaping. Both guys are down again and MJF is talking to the ref about his knee. He gets up and limps over to Darby and hoists him up for a suplex. We get a super close near fall that gets the crowd to literally stand and applaud.

Now Darby heads up to the top-rope backwards for another Coffin Drop attempt but MJF escapes out to the floor. Darby decides to hit one on the floor instead and it connects but Darby took some damage of his own on the hard landing. We see some replays while the fans chant “Holy sh*t.” Back inside the ring he goes for another Coffin Drop but MJF gets his knees up and Darby lands on them.

Shawn Spears and Wardlow run out to help MJF but Sting charges behind them and takes them out with a bat and chair. MJF goes out and gets Darby’s skateboard. He brings it in the ring and rolls it to Darby and dares him to hit him. Darby almost does but decides against it. When he goes to get rid of the skateboard, Darby turns into a shot from MJF with the Dynamite Diamond ring on. He then hits a side head lock and pins him 1-2-3. MJF wins.

Winner: MJF

AEW Dynamite Results-November 3rd,2021
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Next, MJF came out to the ring with a microphone!

Darby Allin was watching from high in the arena.

“Let’s cut the bull, Darby. Out of all the pillars, we’re already pillars. We have been for a while. So why is it that they boo me and cheer you, Darby? At first it made me mad. I’d lose sleep over it. And then it hit me, Darby. Of course they hate me. I’m a symbol of everything they can never be. And you, Darby, these people love you because you’re just like them—you’ll never fit in and you’ll never win.

“You always let your emotions get the better of you. You go from proficient pro wrestler to glorified stuntman. At FULL GEAR you will lose because you’ll be too focused on battering me instead of beating me because I am better than you and you know it. I’m so much better than you in the ring, I could beat you with a headlock takeover.”

Darby: “Max, at FULL GEAR, we will have a wrestling match, because I’m going to take my anger out on you right now.”

MJF retreated up the ramp but Sting was there to stop him! He was followed by a small army of men clad in black. MJF back peddled. Wardlow and Shawn Spears came out to battle Sting and the army of men!

MJF turned around and walked right into Darby Allin and they brawled among the fans! Darby got a head start and charged through the aisle at MJF, clotheslining him over the barricade! MJF retreated, cursing at Darby!

AEW Dynamite Results-October 27th,2021
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MJF vs. Bryce Donovan

We return from the break and we hear the familiar sounds of MJF’s theme song and out comes The Pinnacle leader himself. He settles into the ring and his music dies down.

Bryce Donovan, his opponent, is introduced. He is already standing in the ring and the commentators put him over as someone who has been training in MMA since he was 10 years old.

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with this one. MJF immediately goes to work on his rookie opponent. Within seconds he hits his heatseeker piledriver and with his pinky, covers Donovan for the squash match pin fall victory.

Winner: MJF

After The Match: MJF Trashes Darby Allin, Darby & Sting Strike!

Once the match wraps up, MJF gets on the mic and talks trash about Boston and the women of the city. He mocks the fans’ mothers and accents before finally moving on to address Darby Allin. He talks about Darby claiming he couldn’t break him mentally, but says lately he’s been scared to even come to work. He says he should be scared after seeing him knock out Sting with his Dynamite Diamond Ring, which he brings up that he won by beating Hangman Page. He says he doesn’t care what happens at Full Gear because whether it’s Kenny Omega or Hangman Page, he is going to be the future champion.

He is interrupted by Sting’s theme song. “The Icon” doesn’t show, however, and MJF falls down on the mat kicking his feet laughing after pulling a fast one on them. He and Shawn Spears enjoy the prank they just pulled together in the ring. Wardlow is just standing there. As they continue to laugh, the lights go out again.

Eventually a black-and-white video starts airing with a guy in a goofy paper mask looking like MJF getting beat up and put through a table at a concert by Darby Allin. When the lights come back on, Sting is in the ring, and he’s got his baseball bat. He beats down Spears and Wardlow with it while MJF runs for cover to the crowd. He turns around and sees Darby Allin in a trench coat standing in the crowd. He runs to the back up the entrance ramp as Darby beats down Spears and Wardlow with Sting. He pulls out a special skateboard with thumbtacks all over it and then he blasts Wardlow with it.

Darby’s theme plays but then he gets on the mic and it stops. He simply says, “Hey Max … Full Gear.” His theme plays again as Darby poses for the fans and the commentators talk us into a commercial break.